About Us

Shortly About Neodots

Neodots.... Here we create some creative stuffs from dots... Thats the formation of Neodots Creations... We provide creative challenging and great looking games... The graphics in here is terrific... And you are going to enjoy each and evrey moment of it. Nowadys most of us are busy in our own work and its quite frustating sometimes though... So folks here we are with some games to refresh you and bring you out from the world of boredom.

Check out our folio to play the games. Lets see how many of you can finish it :-).... I hope the games which we have developed bring joy and enthusiasum in your lives. And guys this is not it.. We are gonna assure you that we will be coming up with more cool and challenging games that you havn't seen before... :-) And please do rate us once you complete the game.. :-)